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 Replica Versace Womens Shoes Why are top American universities keen to recruit sports specialties? Investigate its reason, is active campus culture, but more fundamental, is the fact that American society's emphasis on sports, sports in the special role of talent training, alumni donations and intercollegiate commercial interest of the game, and so on. It is impossible to accurately understand the existence of sports special students in American universities without the background factors.

First of all, the United States is a very sports society, especially the outdoor sports. People who live in suburbs usually have at least one basket in the yard. City apartments also have well-equipped gyms. Weekend American families enjoy hiking, running and biking. In the west, the wide roads will be marked by specialized running and bike lanes, and sweating sports can be seen everywhere. American children spend their spare time, most of them on the playground, and the younger children, the more they go crazy on campus. Exercise has become the life habit of ordinary americans, making him (her) energetic, optimistic, and confident in the sun.

Contrary to the general understanding, American society is not born with the importance of sports. In fact, just over 150 years ago, americans didn't pay much attention to sports. At that time, with the rapid advance of industrialization, engaged in financial and management of a huge increase in office workers, Replica Versace Shoes UK plus the boom after the civil war the United States people indulge in is high, material life, lose heart, can not find the true meaning of life, leading to public health diminishing, national masculinity are disappearing. At that time, the image of a typical American was: the tired body dragged home from work by nightfall. His brain is still working and his bones are falling apart. Face this kind of universal social crisis, some people worried, they loudly on the one hand, everyone has the responsibility to exercise, strong physique, in order to have the ability to bear the burden of life, improve the quality of life. On the other hand, they start from school and influence and change people's understanding of sports through education. Under their efforts, americans' attitudes began to change. People have come to realize that sport has an irreplaceable value and power in shaping character, Replica Versace Medusa Shoes elevating the state and purifying the soul, thus establishing the enduring concept of sports life.

Replica Mens Versace Shoes Another factor is the understanding and understanding of the special role of sports in the cultivation of talents. Those visionary principal that top universities to cultivate future leaders in the United States and the global leader, we can never look limited in high test scores and academic potential of students, to cultivate the ability of the face, analysis, control, processing complex information and difficult situation of the whole person. A weak and tender nerd who spends all day indulging in books is not capable of coping with the ever-changing challenges of the real world. In a way, the wildness, shrewdness, fortitude and insight into human nature may be more important for politics (especially for international politics) and business than for academic interest. In 1960, Harvard University admissions office director of bend before he leaves office in a lengthy report claims that a completely made up of top students academic performance group is unhealthy, it is bad for the student individual full and comprehensive development.

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Replica Versace Sunglasses education administration has been criticized for its excessive use of schools, and often compared with the U.S. department of education, which has almost nothing to do with it. In fact, Lao tzu has already said: the tao always has no one. If the king can keep it, all things will be self - changed. Education is the highest state of education. He added: if you are a big power, you can cook. A great power cannot be turned over and trivial. Isn't that a big deal for the education reform that we've seen so many times today, like a pancake?

So, the question is not what the difference between education is, but why we discard the good tradition of education in ancient Cheap Versace Sunglasses. It's not exactly which advanced education ideas and teaching methods we are going to learn from the west, but more importantly, how to excavate the wisdom of education in ancient Cheap Versace Sunglasses and carry out creative transformation. Education in the west is a mirror that allows us to see our problems more clearly from the perspective of his, but education's true scriptures actually exist in our hearts. Education not only means imparting knowledge, it's not just about training skills, it's not even about training. In the end, education is closely linked to culture, to make students more mature, more intelligent, and help them establish cultural identity and cultural identity. Education is about who you are, where you are, where your roots are. At this point, the child is sent abroad early, and he or she will lose their cultural roots. Those who are now rushing to send their children abroad will one day regret it. The child is still the child, but he or she no longer belongs to you, not to Cheap Versace Sunglasses, or even to where he or she is. Speaking with fluent English, has outstanding ability, may be able to obtain a prominent position in the international big company, but he (she) don't know who you are, you also don't know who is he (she). For a family, such pain and destruction are devastating.

As far as the world is concerned, Fake Versace Medusa Sunglasses sports specialty is one of the most important and preferred recruiting groups of the top universities in the world, especially the top universities in the United States. In both the private university and public university, the sports special immortal is the only known as the performance appellation type of special recruitment of students - for instance, they never recruit art especially immortal. Especially in private universities, the privileged status enjoyed by sports students is second only to those of alumni. The world famous ivy league, not the people praise highly of top university academic community, but is at the university of the eastern United States intercollegiate sports league at Stanford university in the west coast - one that would not be in one of them. Athletic performance is also many poor children to one of the ways to enter the top university, he (she) rely on a play to realize the dream of going to college, in the movie forrest gump forrest gump is one of the typical. In the Olympic championship, many of the great athletes who have made great achievements are from college, and they have achieved another excellence in the arena. The student who passed you by on campus is likely to be an Olympic champion.

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when people criticize Replica Versace Belt education for unifying the standard answers, they tend to promote the western education's critical and divergent thinking. In fact, even for the same problem, Confucius never offered a unified answer. Such examples abound in the analects of Confucius. For example, the same benevolence problem, zi zhang, fan late, butchering me, zi gong, yan yuan, zhong bow and sima niu asked, Confucius answers are different. Among them, zi zhang asked twice, fan asked three times. As for the question of government, zi gong, qi jinggong, Versace Medusa Belt Confucius had different answers. Similar examples include filial piety, a gentleman, etc. Why do we have to emphasize the standard answer now? In fact, the emphasis on a uniform standard is precisely the result of the western standardized tests. In particular, the only way to be quickly identified by a computer is to use the only answer after a large-scale test -- a testament to the enslavement of machines. Standardized tests in providing western university with a degree of the entrance at the same time, based on also severely criticized by western educators insight, and thus lead to a top university admissions does not rely on standardized test scores and replace it with the overall evaluation of the students. Why should we be the norm instead of the standards that are not necessarily consensual in western education?

Today, people often praise highly the attention of the western education for every child, especially a few in Fake Versace Belt seem what all can't bear children, once in the United States, immediately turned into talents; Unlike middle schools in Fake Versace Belt, only those who can get into Peking's tsinghua university are the only ones who are accompanied by other students. This is true. However, education in ancient Fake Versace Belt was not like this. The master said, there is no teaching. Then he said, I shall not have any law to do so. I didn't try to teach as long as I was offered to meet. Why do we have to divide students according to test scores today?

Today, western inductive teaching is highly praised, and Replica Versace Belt cramming and full irrigation are criticized. In fact, although the inductive teaching method originated from Socrates, the large-scale epidemic in western education is only after world war ii, and there is still a lot of controversy about it. At least in the United States, especially in colonial schools, where the training of pastors was targeted, the teaching method was literally cramming. Understanding or not, students must memorize large sections of the bible and Latin texts and pass exams. In the first two centuries after harvard's founding, students memorized the required lessons every day. It even sparked a week of rioting in 1834, which led to the expulsion of nearly all second-graders. But in ancient Cheap Versace Belts, teaching was an inducement. In his daily life, Confucius has carried out the subtle guidance and education of students in his own ambition, knowledge and behavior. Therefore, yan yuan will sincerely lament, the teacher is good and attractive, bo I, I am, I will not be able to stop.

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Since the 20th century, Cheap Versace Slides pain in the narrowness of professional education and closed as well as to the limitations of man's all-round development, the west's top universities have made marked by general education of undergraduate course education reform, the Replica Versace Slides university has also joined the ranks. Is the core of general education, in order to overcome the growing tendency of specialization and professionalization of higher education, embodies social consensus, cultivate a for themselves, for their own position in society and the universe has a full understanding of the whole person. Such thinking has long existed in the practice of the education of Confucius, Womens Versace Slides and the state is far higher. Because education in the west is only aware of the value of general knowledge, Confucius emphasized the higher level of tongde, and general knowledge is still second. Morality is more important than occupation. Confucius had three thousand disciples under the door, and he was divided into four subjects: morality, speech, politics and literature.

Among them, the highest division of morality, the second of speech, the second of politics, the literature (i.e. knowledge) at the end. Yan yuan, the representative of deacon, Mens Versace Slides was also Confucius's favorite disciple -- use it and hide it. Even if you learn all your skills, if you don't, you would rather hide than you do. Zi xia, a member of the lewen branch, said, if there is a path, there will be no one to see it. Zhiyuan mud, is the gentleman not to also. Although the technique is important, it is afraid that it will hinder the lofty cause, so the superior man does not pursue it. The most extreme example is fan chi chi. The master said, I am not as good as an old farmer. Please learn to be a nursery. Yue: I'm not as good as an old nursery. Once out. Zi yue: Lillian, fan must also! It was so angry that it was a small man to curse fan. Little people is the harshest criticism of Confucius, and it is much more serious than the slaughter of dead wood in the daytime. This heavy light education thought deeply influenced the development of Replica Versace Slides society since then. In ancient Versace Slides, the technique was called the odd trick, which is the last technique that even the women of the qing Lou did not care about. Why today is the education target that we have been striving for?

Today, while criticizing Replica Versace Slides education for stifling students' individuality and creativity, it is often highly praised for the respect and cultivation of western education for students' individuality and creativity. It is not known that respecting student's personality is the essence of education thought in ancient Versace Slides. The most important contribution Confucius made to Replica Versace Slides education was to put forward the great idea of teaching in accordance with aptitude. Zi lu and ran had the same question: what are the lines of smell? Confucius' answer is quite the opposite, which is based on the specific characteristics of zi lu and jean. We need to reflect on why the education ideal that was implemented more than 2,000 years ago can't be done today. If we hold the golden rice bowl of our forefathers, why should we go to the west to seek the true sutra of education?

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Before starting the following discussion, I want to point out that serious here Replica Versace Robe education, does not only mean the present education of Louis Vuitton Belt, but contains since Confucius in Louis Vuitton Belt for thousands of years of education, education, traditional ideal and spirit of education. We produce a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism to the present Fake Versace Robe education, is not necessarily how serious problems that Replica Versace Robe education itself, on the contrary, because we now from even abandoned the fine tradition of the ancient Replica Versace Medusa Robe education sages. Solve the problem of contemporary Replica Versace Robe education, not only need eyes to the outside, to learn from western education idea and mode, have more need of eyes inward, from the ancient education thought and the practice of Cheap Versace Robe greatest absorb wisdom and strength. The analects is the human education bible, which is the inexhaustible treasure of thought.

From this point of view, we can see more clearly the problems that exist in the comparison between Replica Versace Robe and western education. For example, the western emphasis on values education is a fact, and today Replica Versace Robe missing values education is also true, but in our ancestors, the value education was always the core of education. The value is how to be a man. Confucius' highest ideal of education is benevolence. In the analects of Confucius, ren appeared 109 times. What is benevolence? The master said, lover. Mencius also said, a man's lover, a man of politeness. Love, love, love. A man of honor is a man of honor. Such education concept, not only with the west of the most influential in Plato's philosophy of king, Rousseau's natural education thought, education thought Dewey's democracy education thought, and is much more than the latter and beyond.

In ancient Louis Vuitton Belt, the first goal of education was morality, followed by specific knowledge and skills. The scholar, then the literature. So the master said, disciple, in the filial piety, in the other, I believe, love the crowd, and the benevolence. If you can spare no effort, you will learn English. After the practice of filial piety and other moral goals, it is not enough to learn cultural knowledge. University, he said, is the way of the university, in mingmingde, in the people, at the end of the good. In the education world of han yu, preaching is the primary responsibility of teachers, and the teaching is followed by a clear sequence of priorities.

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Replica Versace Silk Shirts more common differences are mainly reflected in: education targets in the west, education in the west, and education in Louis Vuitton Belt. On the concept of education, western education emphasizes the freedom, respect each student's personality and characteristics, to cultivate the students' creativity, Replica Versace Shirts education emphasis on discipline and order, devoid of students' individuality and creativity; In terms of teaching, education in the west is a gentle, heuristic type of education, and Louis Vuitton Belt is a severe cramming duck. Also, education in the west is equality, dialogue and communication. Replica Versace Shirts education is the high pressure of the tiger mother, and so on.

Such an either-or facial comparison was the culmination of last summer's fiery BBC documentary, is our baby strong enough? In the documentary, Replica Versace Shirts education is shaped into a rigid, rigid, strict ferocious, but surprisingly, in the final exam, it was the glory of victory over the British English education, and which caused an unprecedented discussion about education comparison of Replica Versace Shirts and western. What confuses me is that, despite the overwhelming discussion, few have questioned the authenticity of the documentary. I don't mean that the documentary is fake; I mean, the documentary is true, but the problems that the documentary presents may be false. When I first saw the film, I had a question. Is there such a difference between English and English classes? The so-called Replica Versace Shirts classroom, as shown in the documentary, Versace T Shirt Replica looks more like a scripted script. The facts confirmed my guess.

Three of the five Replica Versace Shirts teachers currently work and live in the UK, and the tough teacher, considered the most sinicized, has actually settled in the UK since 1997. Does he or she really know what's happening in Replica Versace Shirts classrooms today? Another was revealed in the fact that, in the process of filming, when Replica Versace Shirts teachers try to adjust according to the actual situation, has been required by directors to according to the pre-determined good model to present the so-called Replica Versace Shirts education. That is to say, the grimmy-looking Replica Versace Shirts education is likely to be the product of the BBC documentary film director's imagination, not necessarily in line with today's Louis Vuitton Belt education reality. In fact, it just wanted to achieve a dramatic spread: a Replica Versace Shirts education model that was not recognized was the last to beat a universally recognised model of British education. This incredible result may have been preset before filming started. The Replica Versace Shirts teachers who present Replica Versace Shirts class are only the actors recruited by the BBC. Ironically, this real record of the BBC's education differences and the huge attention paid to it has even attracted the ire of native britons. In a sense, the BBC documentary has succeeded in achieving its own business goals, but it has not succeeded in helping us to improve our understanding of education.

My point is that because of history, culture, tradition, Versace Medusa Shirt Replica social and even the different climate and environment, and many other factors, between Replica Versace Shirts and western education inevitably exists some differences, but starting from good education, in fact there is no essential difference between them, at least the difference isn't as big as imagination.

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Replica Versace Clothing you find a problem, you immediately go from one extreme to another, like a pancake, which is not conducive to reform itself. A chaotic cycle should not be repeated in the education reform. Confronting the problems of reform and taking targeted measures with patience and pragmatism may be more conducive to reform. Reform in the deep zone is not easy, and the comprehensive reform of the education system is particularly complex. The new policy of deep reform has pointed out the direction for college enrollment in the future. Now need to do is according to the spirit of the implementation opinions, literally step by step forward, constantly sum up experience, for reaching to the verge of examination enrollment system reform lay a more solid foundation.

A few days ago, Mr. Yang jiang, a 105-year-old emissary of Replica Versace Clothes and western culture, went to the west to be reunited with his family in heaven. As people remember their husband, they also relive the words of their spirit and wisdom, drawing on the strength and courage of life. One time, Sir, combining his experience with education, specifically talked about what is good education? She said, good education is the first to inspire people's interest in learning, to learn conscientiousness, to cultivate people's self-motivation, to guide people to learn and to improve themselves. To get students to be exposed to education without knowing it, Cheap Replica Versace Clothing let them be subtle. If by this standard, there is a fundamental difference between Replica Versace Clothes and western education?

In many people's opinion, there are differences between education and western, not only differences, but also great differences, and the western education is better than Replica Versace Clothes education. This western, mainly the United States and Britain. As a result, in recent years, the sea has gone to the foreign country to seek good education children such as the river. If there are conditions for going abroad, there are no conditions for creating conditions to go abroad. The question for parents in the past is, do my children want to go abroad? Now the question for parents is, when is my child going to go? The only thing these parents don't think about is the good education that he or she would like to have in the us and UK.

In recent years, some people living abroad have compared the differences between education and the Replica Versace Clothes and western countries based on experience and experience. The comparison on the one hand, it enriches our perception of education and understanding, but on the other hand, modeling, conceptual and abstract of binary opposition also hurt us for correct cognition and understanding of education.

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Cheap Versace Replica Bags Independent recruitment of students in the New Deal in 2015, the ministry of education allows the Peking University, tsinghua university, Shanghai jiaotong university and fudan university implements the comprehensive reform pilot, is actually the university autonomous enrollment in 90, four top universities to set aside an incision, explore the establishment and perfection of recruit students comprehensive evaluation system, and a certain amount of space to further deepen the reform for the future. From simply relying on single-sex gaokao scores to selecting students through a comprehensive evaluation system, college admissions agencies have a long way to go. Therefore, it is important for society to understand this reform, not just to think that these schools are also in the process of, to give the university space, replica versace backpack to explore how to exercise and use the autonomy of admission.

How to position 13 years of independent recruitment reform? Independent recruitment of students, I believe, is the college entrance examination system reform of a transition, through a small scale pilot at a certain time, the ultimate goal is to make college admissions institutions to recruit students, not only by test scores, but through a set of comprehensive evaluation system, making the overall evaluation of the comprehensive to students. Ultimately, recruiting is not an end in itself, it is an investment in the future, not a reward for past achievements. The ultimate goal of enrollment is not to pick out the top performers in high school, Cheap Versace Handbags but to select talented people who can change the world in the future.

According to the logic of crossing the river by feeling the stones, when you feel some experience, you can summarize the rules of crossing the river, and the direction is clear and the measures are well crossing the river. Don't college admissions agencies recruit students? Isn't enrollment their job? Unfortunately, today, universities are generally not learning how to recruit students. After more than 30 years of college entrance exams, the university has done nothing but admit rather than select. Universities have neither the recruitment of strict professional training nor the scientific recruitment programmes based on data and statistics. Even four top universities in view of the comprehensive quality of outstanding students of recruit students general rules, although listed the usual academic performance, Fake Versace Bags research and public welfare activities, such as review points, but still feel ACTS with its shape, there is a great distance away from the real evaluation.

In comprehensive evaluation in the process of exploration, I think college admissions officials should not be defined admissions standards under the social pressure and easy to list all kinds of recruitment list, because the university entrance exam baton function is very powerful, if the university's list of names to the student class is just the burden into extracurricular, finally compete is still just a student award and the number of activities, it will create another form of exam-oriented education, another disaster of Replica Versace Handbags education. Replica Versace Handbags universities must explore such a comprehensive evaluation system, versace knockof handbags which can examine students' distinctive characteristics in the process of learning and doing things. And finding such a trait is crucial for college students to recruit students for their own training.

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replica versace scarf two criticisms are not without reason, but they should also be analysed carefully. First of all, should the independent students have an exam? I believe that the position and role of examinations in college admissions should be positive. At the end of the day, college admissions must have a certain standard of evaluation and evaluation, no matter how it is done. The test as the most important means of assessment, can carry on the quantitative measurement to the student's academic ability, can enhance the effectiveness of talent selection and accuracy, why must exclude it? The real concern is how to define the relationship between the independent recruitment examination and the college entrance examination.

What is the difference between nature, content and form? Due to a lack of in-depth study of examinations and admissions, replica versace medusa scarf just work with the feeling and experience, college admissions institutions to answer the above question is not clear, coupled with the emergence of independent recruitment of students union, will naturally be in society as a small college entrance examination. As for their talent fishing, as a result of independent admission before the college entrance examination, obtain independent admission qualification of students enjoy a certain degree of preferential points again, without any student to give up this opportunity, resulting in advance the phenomenon of cut chives, hard to avoid is thought to be their talent fishing , thus weakening the meaning of autonomous enrolment. Ought to say, these are the problems that arise in practice in the process of development, only by deepening reform to solve, fake versace scarf don't because of some problems, took the child and the bath water.

In 2015, a high frequency word appeared in the university's self-enrollment brochure was competition, which almost became a hard sill for students to sign up. This is mainly because that the ministry of education clearly stipulated strictly control the independent recruitment of students scale, at the same time does not allow any form of testing before the college entrance examination, are not allowed to middle school recommendation, which means that colleges and universities on the magnitude of the recommendation on students, fully on the strength of the material to determine the candidate, replica versace silk scarf and it is in accordance with a certain proportion of admission and candidates, which requires colleges and universities head a candidate must be accurate.

But university admissions institutions on the one hand, the lack of students by reading the application materials for the selection of the experience, on the other hand, in the current social environment, and the application materials to the student the integrity of a lack of confidence, hard currency there is no more convincing case, have to orsay performance such as relative by spectrum method. From the point of view of education reform, the Olympic Games should be played down, but the powerful baton of the college entrance examination can be imagined to lead to the reinforcement. Of course, the government can order a ban on such behavior, but universities urgently need more than just what they can't do, cheap versace scarf and what they can do.

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Replica Versace Watches gradual reform avoids the huge shock of shock therapy and provides valuable time and space for college students to learn how not to rely solely on gaokao results. Since you can't just read the results of the college entrance exam, the interview is a natural reference factor. But even today there is a huge debate about the science, effectiveness and stability of the interview. In order to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the talent selection, the written test of the self-organization of colleges and universities becomes the deciding factor that determines whether students can get the independent admission qualification. In fact, in the 13 years since the launch of the pilot program, the most important experience that universities have accumulated in recruiting students is written tests and interviews. This is completely different from what the top universities in the west do. Only in the last few years, it has become clear that only exams can't be done, and the comprehensive quality of students should be required to start exploring comprehensive evaluation.

In conclusion, Cheap Replica Versace Watches need to understand today's autonomous recruitment program, and realize that the exploration of the past 13 years is valuable and meaningful. Although we have taken many detours, in general, the direction of the independent recruitment policy is correct. Now, we do solve the ossification problem to a certain extent, while also effectively enlarging the diversity of students and the autonomy of running schools. Many universities' empirical research shows that students who enter universities through independent admission have a better overall performance than those admitted to the college entrance examination.

We have also gradually clarified the goal of independent recruitment and even the reform of the college entrance exam, which is that universities select students suitable for their cultivation through the comprehensive evaluation model selection. These experiences are reflected in the national college entrance examination reform plan and the enrollment brochure of colleges and universities. For students and parents to understand at the beginning of the why is very important, because it can help people grasp the core of the reform, come out from the complicated admissions regulations, Fake Versace Watches education and development planning good future.

As more and more people become aware of their own admission, criticism of them is rising. There are two of the toughest criticisms: the emergence of an independent admissions union, Cheap Versace Watches seen as a little gaokao; The other is the self-directed recruitment of colleges and universities as a tool for pinpointing. These two points also become the issue that the ministry of education should focus on to further improve and standardize the pilot work of independent college admission in 2015.