Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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when people criticize Replica Versace Belt education for unifying the standard answers, they tend to promote the western education's critical and divergent thinking. In fact, even for the same problem, Confucius never offered a unified answer. Such examples abound in the analects of Confucius. For example, the same benevolence problem, zi zhang, fan late, butchering me, zi gong, yan yuan, zhong bow and sima niu asked, Confucius answers are different. Among them, zi zhang asked twice, fan asked three times. As for the question of government, zi gong, qi jinggong, Versace Medusa Belt Confucius had different answers. Similar examples include filial piety, a gentleman, etc. Why do we have to emphasize the standard answer now? In fact, the emphasis on a uniform standard is precisely the result of the western standardized tests. In particular, the only way to be quickly identified by a computer is to use the only answer after a large-scale test -- a testament to the enslavement of machines. Standardized tests in providing western university with a degree of the entrance at the same time, based on also severely criticized by western educators insight, and thus lead to a top university admissions does not rely on standardized test scores and replace it with the overall evaluation of the students. Why should we be the norm instead of the standards that are not necessarily consensual in western education?

Today, people often praise highly the attention of the western education for every child, especially a few in Fake Versace Belt seem what all can't bear children, once in the United States, immediately turned into talents; Unlike middle schools in Fake Versace Belt, only those who can get into Peking's tsinghua university are the only ones who are accompanied by other students. This is true. However, education in ancient Fake Versace Belt was not like this. The master said, there is no teaching. Then he said, I shall not have any law to do so. I didn't try to teach as long as I was offered to meet. Why do we have to divide students according to test scores today?

Today, western inductive teaching is highly praised, and Replica Versace Belt cramming and full irrigation are criticized. In fact, although the inductive teaching method originated from Socrates, the large-scale epidemic in western education is only after world war ii, and there is still a lot of controversy about it. At least in the United States, especially in colonial schools, where the training of pastors was targeted, the teaching method was literally cramming. Understanding or not, students must memorize large sections of the bible and Latin texts and pass exams. In the first two centuries after harvard's founding, students memorized the required lessons every day. It even sparked a week of rioting in 1834, which led to the expulsion of nearly all second-graders. But in ancient Cheap Versace Belts, teaching was an inducement. In his daily life, Confucius has carried out the subtle guidance and education of students in his own ambition, knowledge and behavior. Therefore, yan yuan will sincerely lament, the teacher is good and attractive, bo I, I am, I will not be able to stop.

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