Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cheap Replica Versace Medusa Robe For Men

Before starting the following discussion, I want to point out that serious here Replica Versace Robe education, does not only mean the present education of Louis Vuitton Belt, but contains since Confucius in Louis Vuitton Belt for thousands of years of education, education, traditional ideal and spirit of education. We produce a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism to the present Fake Versace Robe education, is not necessarily how serious problems that Replica Versace Robe education itself, on the contrary, because we now from even abandoned the fine tradition of the ancient Replica Versace Medusa Robe education sages. Solve the problem of contemporary Replica Versace Robe education, not only need eyes to the outside, to learn from western education idea and mode, have more need of eyes inward, from the ancient education thought and the practice of Cheap Versace Robe greatest absorb wisdom and strength. The analects is the human education bible, which is the inexhaustible treasure of thought.

From this point of view, we can see more clearly the problems that exist in the comparison between Replica Versace Robe and western education. For example, the western emphasis on values education is a fact, and today Replica Versace Robe missing values education is also true, but in our ancestors, the value education was always the core of education. The value is how to be a man. Confucius' highest ideal of education is benevolence. In the analects of Confucius, ren appeared 109 times. What is benevolence? The master said, lover. Mencius also said, a man's lover, a man of politeness. Love, love, love. A man of honor is a man of honor. Such education concept, not only with the west of the most influential in Plato's philosophy of king, Rousseau's natural education thought, education thought Dewey's democracy education thought, and is much more than the latter and beyond.

In ancient Louis Vuitton Belt, the first goal of education was morality, followed by specific knowledge and skills. The scholar, then the literature. So the master said, disciple, in the filial piety, in the other, I believe, love the crowd, and the benevolence. If you can spare no effort, you will learn English. After the practice of filial piety and other moral goals, it is not enough to learn cultural knowledge. University, he said, is the way of the university, in mingmingde, in the people, at the end of the good. In the education world of han yu, preaching is the primary responsibility of teachers, and the teaching is followed by a clear sequence of priorities.

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