Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Replica Versace Watches gradual reform avoids the huge shock of shock therapy and provides valuable time and space for college students to learn how not to rely solely on gaokao results. Since you can't just read the results of the college entrance exam, the interview is a natural reference factor. But even today there is a huge debate about the science, effectiveness and stability of the interview. In order to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the talent selection, the written test of the self-organization of colleges and universities becomes the deciding factor that determines whether students can get the independent admission qualification. In fact, in the 13 years since the launch of the pilot program, the most important experience that universities have accumulated in recruiting students is written tests and interviews. This is completely different from what the top universities in the west do. Only in the last few years, it has become clear that only exams can't be done, and the comprehensive quality of students should be required to start exploring comprehensive evaluation.

In conclusion, Cheap Replica Versace Watches need to understand today's autonomous recruitment program, and realize that the exploration of the past 13 years is valuable and meaningful. Although we have taken many detours, in general, the direction of the independent recruitment policy is correct. Now, we do solve the ossification problem to a certain extent, while also effectively enlarging the diversity of students and the autonomy of running schools. Many universities' empirical research shows that students who enter universities through independent admission have a better overall performance than those admitted to the college entrance examination.

We have also gradually clarified the goal of independent recruitment and even the reform of the college entrance exam, which is that universities select students suitable for their cultivation through the comprehensive evaluation model selection. These experiences are reflected in the national college entrance examination reform plan and the enrollment brochure of colleges and universities. For students and parents to understand at the beginning of the why is very important, because it can help people grasp the core of the reform, come out from the complicated admissions regulations, Fake Versace Watches education and development planning good future.

As more and more people become aware of their own admission, criticism of them is rising. There are two of the toughest criticisms: the emergence of an independent admissions union, Cheap Versace Watches seen as a little gaokao; The other is the self-directed recruitment of colleges and universities as a tool for pinpointing. These two points also become the issue that the ministry of education should focus on to further improve and standardize the pilot work of independent college admission in 2015.

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