Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Replica Versace Slides Wholesale For Men And Women 2018

Since the 20th century, Cheap Versace Slides pain in the narrowness of professional education and closed as well as to the limitations of man's all-round development, the west's top universities have made marked by general education of undergraduate course education reform, the Replica Versace Slides university has also joined the ranks. Is the core of general education, in order to overcome the growing tendency of specialization and professionalization of higher education, embodies social consensus, cultivate a for themselves, for their own position in society and the universe has a full understanding of the whole person. Such thinking has long existed in the practice of the education of Confucius, Womens Versace Slides and the state is far higher. Because education in the west is only aware of the value of general knowledge, Confucius emphasized the higher level of tongde, and general knowledge is still second. Morality is more important than occupation. Confucius had three thousand disciples under the door, and he was divided into four subjects: morality, speech, politics and literature.

Among them, the highest division of morality, the second of speech, the second of politics, the literature (i.e. knowledge) at the end. Yan yuan, the representative of deacon, Mens Versace Slides was also Confucius's favorite disciple -- use it and hide it. Even if you learn all your skills, if you don't, you would rather hide than you do. Zi xia, a member of the lewen branch, said, if there is a path, there will be no one to see it. Zhiyuan mud, is the gentleman not to also. Although the technique is important, it is afraid that it will hinder the lofty cause, so the superior man does not pursue it. The most extreme example is fan chi chi. The master said, I am not as good as an old farmer. Please learn to be a nursery. Yue: I'm not as good as an old nursery. Once out. Zi yue: Lillian, fan must also! It was so angry that it was a small man to curse fan. Little people is the harshest criticism of Confucius, and it is much more serious than the slaughter of dead wood in the daytime. This heavy light education thought deeply influenced the development of Replica Versace Slides society since then. In ancient Versace Slides, the technique was called the odd trick, which is the last technique that even the women of the qing Lou did not care about. Why today is the education target that we have been striving for?

Today, while criticizing Replica Versace Slides education for stifling students' individuality and creativity, it is often highly praised for the respect and cultivation of western education for students' individuality and creativity. It is not known that respecting student's personality is the essence of education thought in ancient Versace Slides. The most important contribution Confucius made to Replica Versace Slides education was to put forward the great idea of teaching in accordance with aptitude. Zi lu and ran had the same question: what are the lines of smell? Confucius' answer is quite the opposite, which is based on the specific characteristics of zi lu and jean. We need to reflect on why the education ideal that was implemented more than 2,000 years ago can't be done today. If we hold the golden rice bowl of our forefathers, why should we go to the west to seek the true sutra of education?

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