Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Versace Replica Handbags Wholesale And Fake Versace Bags China

Cheap Versace Replica Bags Independent recruitment of students in the New Deal in 2015, the ministry of education allows the Peking University, tsinghua university, Shanghai jiaotong university and fudan university implements the comprehensive reform pilot, is actually the university autonomous enrollment in 90, four top universities to set aside an incision, explore the establishment and perfection of recruit students comprehensive evaluation system, and a certain amount of space to further deepen the reform for the future. From simply relying on single-sex gaokao scores to selecting students through a comprehensive evaluation system, college admissions agencies have a long way to go. Therefore, it is important for society to understand this reform, not just to think that these schools are also in the process of, to give the university space, replica versace backpack to explore how to exercise and use the autonomy of admission.

How to position 13 years of independent recruitment reform? Independent recruitment of students, I believe, is the college entrance examination system reform of a transition, through a small scale pilot at a certain time, the ultimate goal is to make college admissions institutions to recruit students, not only by test scores, but through a set of comprehensive evaluation system, making the overall evaluation of the comprehensive to students. Ultimately, recruiting is not an end in itself, it is an investment in the future, not a reward for past achievements. The ultimate goal of enrollment is not to pick out the top performers in high school, Cheap Versace Handbags but to select talented people who can change the world in the future.

According to the logic of crossing the river by feeling the stones, when you feel some experience, you can summarize the rules of crossing the river, and the direction is clear and the measures are well crossing the river. Don't college admissions agencies recruit students? Isn't enrollment their job? Unfortunately, today, universities are generally not learning how to recruit students. After more than 30 years of college entrance exams, the university has done nothing but admit rather than select. Universities have neither the recruitment of strict professional training nor the scientific recruitment programmes based on data and statistics. Even four top universities in view of the comprehensive quality of outstanding students of recruit students general rules, although listed the usual academic performance, Fake Versace Bags research and public welfare activities, such as review points, but still feel ACTS with its shape, there is a great distance away from the real evaluation.

In comprehensive evaluation in the process of exploration, I think college admissions officials should not be defined admissions standards under the social pressure and easy to list all kinds of recruitment list, because the university entrance exam baton function is very powerful, if the university's list of names to the student class is just the burden into extracurricular, finally compete is still just a student award and the number of activities, it will create another form of exam-oriented education, another disaster of Replica Versace Handbags education. Replica Versace Handbags universities must explore such a comprehensive evaluation system, versace knockof handbags which can examine students' distinctive characteristics in the process of learning and doing things. And finding such a trait is crucial for college students to recruit students for their own training.

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