Saturday, December 9, 2017

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Back to the question of cheng shuai shuai and Mcm Backpack apartment. Among all say way cool handsome is quit his job back to do charity, from the initial against accepted inequality, inequality, education resources to subsequent MCM Belt apartment, he really did a lot of things. However, I would say that I have also been involved in public welfare circles and have been exposed to a lot of people with high exposure. Whether he was able to support himself or not, it was a matter of two things. I quit my salary back millions of jobs, and quit the monthly salary of one thousand can be written as he came home from work to resign back to do public welfare, which really is a public welfare, which is probably because don't work to maintain themselves. So you don't want the halo to be too big. Let me make it clear that he is not a social worker because he is not a social worker, and if he wants money, replica mcm backpack he is not a volunteer. It's also about money, someone else's for you, and what you're asking for is different. I can be sure that he did well before, but poor and ambitious, don't let the anti-virus thing get too late.

Finally, a guess. I don't hang on to any NGO, I don't have any personal grievances or conflicts of interest with cheng shuai. I simply can't see it. And repeatedly reminded him that he had not changed. Some people say I can tell him that the state does have the drug administration law, and the cases of selling prescription drugs have also handed over 100,000 fines and five years' imprisonment. But reporting him has led to an official discovery of drug sales, prompting drug charges. So I've been repeatedly tweeting about his behavior. The best way to deal with this is to stop the current resale, and the authorities will not step in. I still say that if I sincerely do the public welfare, I will give away the free medicine to the needy, replica mcm bags and there are many ways to make money. This is not a place for thinking.

I wonder what kind of love I want these two days? My previous love is all Japanese, the day long has the feeling. It's not a one-night stand, but it saves a lot of trouble. I've also had a formal relationship: talking, meeting, dating, going to bed, waiting until after bed to find out that two people have a bad sex, and then it's gone. At this time, I was thinking about how the old society arranged marriage is so harmful, at least we feel improper and can break up, and that time can only endure a lifetime. Of course, this traditional way of falling in love is a long time ago, and then, or the successful feeling of it all began. Because being able to have sex must be a feeling, after having sex, it must be a tacit understanding, then talk about the future, talk about life, can almost begin to fall in love. And I always felt that it was easier to change the conditions and conditions of a person, because he had a series of natural attributes that he could not change.

But after the infection, or after work, I felt that the goal of finding objects was more toward life. Maybe two people don't have that many sparks, but feel the door is right, have common language, also accepted slowly. This is said to be mature in some people's mouths. Not only in the case of the infected person and the comrades, but also the marriage between many men and women is not because of love, but also the direct property and status. So I said, we're more material.

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