Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Some people said that when they read the headline number issued by the public number in the recent past , it is not Xx x that has ruined a Designer Belt girl. It is a tribute to the small milk dog who flaunts the uncle. Whatever the hot spot is, there is no firm position at all! Is it true that articles like this not only give operators a thrill of reading, but what kind of role can they play in this society? I'm afraid not.

When the public sentiment needed an exit, many people from the media also found it possible to swipe. However, many 100,000+ articles either talk about emotions irrespective of facts or how they attract attention from the eyeballs. The igniting of one-on-one public opinion seems to be buzzing, but what kind of role can be played in solving the problem? opportunities to market... In this era of mobile phones are microphones, it seems that it is easier to stand on the air than to say anything. What kind of captions are attractive and the opening rate is decided in three seconds... There are many examples of such things as helping the public to build 100,000+ experience. However, articles that have no connotation will not be able to retain users for a long time even if they will attract eyeballs.

The second is not the general self-media, but the head of the media to get hundreds of millions of financing from the media, should take the industry example. A tragedy was a tool for brushing up data from some media. There is no compassion, empathy, but also running around to tell each other, but also smiling, but also the data is very good, but also over a million, replica versace slides also write Xiaowen. However, for eyeballs and traffic, they became numb, cold, shameless and shameless. The final result was only one. It was the person who was spurned by the world!

For media operators, if you can't find a way to uncover the truth, you should at least keep the bottom line and not use unverified content to stir up public emotions; if you can't be objective, at least you can help netizens Analyze what exactly caused these events and what we can do.

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